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Ladies and gents, let me present you this new gem in Liverpool! This is our new favourite venue where to eat. Without a shadow of a doubt! 😍

The minute we arrived, we were more than impressed. Spacious,elegant and very welcoming place 👌

The concept of the food might sound familiar but is not really. Has a bit of extra detail added to it which makes it special.

You’d say it’s like a buffet starter. Looks like it but all the flavours combined makes it more than a starter.

Selection of bread is unreal. Would you believe you can have slices of pizza,to start with? Oh yeah, you heard me! 😏

And all the above can be combined with the below, salads and dips. At first glance, I did not know which one is which. But once you start tasting, you can’t stop.

When I say extra detail for food here, you can see it in the pictures. From presentation to its taste 🤤 To die for!

We knew it’ll be a starter and a main involved. For 2 people, the amount of food served was more than enough. Very decent portions if you ask! 👌

Again, the way the food was served and presented. My compliments! A whole platter of freshly cooked meat. Served with a few sides to choose from.

When it comes to food, I am always open to try different flavours. Some people would think why there is a macaroni cheese a side dish.

That macaroni cheese is amazing, believe or not! There are also chips involved and different type of sauces.

Meat wise, there is a wide selection of meat. Pork, beef,chicken,lamb. All cooked to perfection! I want to add that the lamb was just amazing! So much flavour in one piece of meat 🤤👌

Everything cooked in there is freshly prepared, waiting to be served.

Let’s not forget about dessert, right?

I had the pleasure of meeting the chef and staff behind Smoke & Dough. These guys have such a passion for cooking and flavours. Made me understand their concept. I now know why this is different from other venues.

Drinks, anyone?

Don’t think for a second there are not drinks involved! There is a bar area and plenty of options to choose from. I was like a fat kid in a sweet shop, if you’d like!

With the permission of the staff, you can see below a sneak peak of their menu

I was very surprised of the prices. Considering the amount of food you get.. If I were you, I’d get the whole fambo out to Smoke & Dough. That’s a winner for sure!

Thank you Smoke & Dough for having us. You are our favourite for sure!

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