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Starting this post in the most honest way I can.. I love this place & its food!

As a blogger, you do get invited to different venues & events. Meeting some great people it’s a plus. Same applies in this case.

These two cracking lads are behind the Honest Burgers concept. And happy to say we have one in Liverpool. I had the pleasure to meet them a few weeks ago. All I can say is hats off to you!

Apart from the very tasty food offered, your approach is 10/10. From the concept of the food to the way you approach your clientele 👌

Got there as a blogger, left as a burger and chips expert 😂

The effort Honest Burgers puts in their food.. Unbelievable. No wonder why it’s so tasty!

Meat is cooked in different ways. Either medium or well done. Chips? That flavour is stuck on my mind. And tongue!🤤

This is the secret ingredient that gives the fries that amazing flavour. Not gonna tell you what it is. You need to try it yourself! 😉

And this, ladies and gents, is an Honest Burger. With chips to die for! 👌

There are a few good options on the menu to choose from anyway:

Thanks to the staff who are honestly amazing! 🙏

You do realise there is no food without a few good drinks involved. I’ll go behind the bar, thanks very much! 😂🍹

And having my very own Honest gin. Would be rude not to! 💁‍♀️

Head towards Bold Street and try Honest Burgers. You won’t be dissapointed for sure. Honestly!

Thank you for inviting The Travel Blog team. Until next time, I shall be craving like there’s no tomorrow..

Much love to y’all!

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