Tapas at El Gato Negro


Let’s have a heart to heart conversation here. It’s either about travel or food but in this case, food! To be more precise, tapas!

If we go by the saying “ocean has plenty of fish”, this applies in many cases. Including hospitality. There are several tapas restaurants out there you can choose from. More or less the same classic concept.

Not for El Gato Negro! Their tapas is different. And when I say different, I mean unique.

This great venue is located at Exchange Flags, Liverpool City Centre. There is one in Manchester aswell but hey.. happy we can enjoy it somewhere closer to home!

One thing that I always notice when going to see a new venue is the space. And of course if it would be suitable for eg private parties, etc. Different areas where you can enjoy a few drinks and food whilst comfortable.

And also, to my surprise, there is a private room which can be hired (I know where my birthday party will be next!)

Let’s go on the next chapter which is the menu that El Gato Negro offers. I must warn you – the food not only looks good but its taste is amazing!

Now you tell me this is not different? Not only the way each dish looks. But the taste of every single one is delicious. You would not know that untill you try it, of course 🙂

Starting from lamb spring rolls to jamon serrano, catalan chorizo, white peach wrapped in jamon iberico,smoked salmon.. And the list can continue! But you will need to find out yourself before I give everything away 😉

Oh and don’t forget about the drinks.. Plenty to choose from! But my favourite still remains Liverpool Gin 😉 #sorrynotsorry

Now that I made you crave tapas, next step is to reserve a table. And make sure you order a gin or 2.. or 3!

See you soon, you beautiful gato! 😀

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