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I have noticed that most people tend to head towards Liverpool city centre when it comes to food and drinks. Indeed, there are some good places out there. But most miss out the gems outside the city centre!

In some of my previous posts, I mentioned some other good areas. From Smithdown Road, Allerton to Lark Lane, etc. Areas with great venues!

One of the gems I recently had the pleasure to be invited at is East River on Allerton Road. Little did I know about this place.

As their new food menu has launched, I can only say it’s yummy! Not even one single dish served dissapointed me. If anything, I wanted more! 🤤

Let’s focus on some of the street food which left me slobber for a few good days, shall we?.. Of course I’m not selfish, I’m sharing it with you! 😂

These are only a few delicious options to go for. And we liked all of them, without a fail!

But as much as I love food, I always add a nice cocktail on the side. What a meal would be without a drink, right? 🍹

There are 2 steps in this whole process of drinking. Stept 1 – place your order @ the bar!

Step 2 – enjoy it for a few minutes until you order your next one!

And how cool this cocktail looks? Don’t worry, it didn’t last 5 minutes! 💁‍♀️

Drinks menu has plenty to offer. If only I could of gone through most of them.. Well, a spare room would of been required for the night!

Is it weekend yet? I’ll have two Red Velvet Ramos, please! For myself only, thank you!

See you there Saturday!

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