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When you plan visiting a city, you think about things to do. Of course you will check a recommended hotel, places where to eat and tourist attractions. When it comes to Liverpool, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Let’s focus on the tourist attractions this time. Little did I know about this particular tour. Only discovered recently in the city centre. And one word I have for you – fascinating! Hence why I am writing about it.

I was never a fan of history, since I was a kid. Probably I was more focused on the geography part. Hence the itchy feet and love for traveling. I would read books or explore places,etc. But never actually discovered something “behind the scenes”.

Western Approaches Tour is one of them. Gave me goosebumps! This hidden gem is also known as The Liverpool War Museum.

It is located in the underground of Exchange Flags building on Rumford Street. This was a command centre for the Navy, Air Force and Marines. We are going back in time to World War II.

Back then, they were tracking Atlantic enemy submarine and convoy shipping.

In pictures looks great. During the tour, it’s fascinating. In a total different world. Thanks to our lovely guide, we discovered a side of history of this city which I never knew.

It makes it even better when you know the underground remains the same. It has been well maintained. From walls to furniture, maps,etc. Even the way they used to code and decode numbers , in order to discover letters. Sounds like a detective job, I know!

Apart from the actual tour, I discovered a fun side to it. To my surprise, Liverpool War Museum has fun activities for families and children.

A different setup up however linked to the venue.

There is a secret bunker which has several activities for kids. I bet the parents reading this are delighted! It is something very different!

Even I was mesmerized, nevermind the kids!

For more details about this tour and tickets, click here

PS: The below views are from Exchange Flags Building, where the museum is based.

Gotta love this city! And my little mate in the picture! 🙂

Enjoy the tour! And you are very welcome 😉

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