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Liverpool is known as a very welcoming and fun city. And I can confirm this with all my heart! Been living here for 10 years now and would not swap it with any other city (sorry not sorry)

Especially when it comes to entertainment 😉

Not a single weekend has gone by without a good laugh, time spent with quality people and tasty cocktails!

With that in mind, you would think about a good night out. So would I!

There are plenty of options out there, especially around Concert Square.

However I want to tell you guys about this particular one I have recently been to. The title gave it away, I know :p

Well, Be At One Bar has a great atmosphere! From the music that won’t let you sit down to the cocktails that you won’t be able to stop ordering them. (my wallet must love me)

Arrived there early evening and everyone was ready to party! What’s not to like about this? Good job I had a table reserved 🙂

Let’s get to the main topic, shall we? Cocktails, that is!

If you have been to this place before, then you’ll be familiar with their fab menu. If not, well you should get familiar with it.

Not only they have several options to choose from, but they are sooo tasty!

An expert is an expert at the end of the day, right? Takes time and knowledge to make a good cocktail, that’s for sure.

It definetely kept me happy!

What I also liked about this place is that they have an outdoor area. Spacious enough so you can enjoy your drink in the sun.

Imagine this place for a party? Or even a barbeque? Always worth checking with the management, such a great venue!

I know where I’ll be this weekend! Meet you there?

It’s a ‘Jamaican me crazy’ bank holiday weekend 😉

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