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Liverpool is known as a multicultural city. Not only for its nationalities but for the venues in the hospitality industry. From chinese to american food, indian, italian, you name it!

Let’s stop at indian food, shall we?

In case you haven’t been there yet, I’d like to mention Mayur Restaurant on Duke Street. A fine indian dining which I’m still wondering how the hell I haven’t experienced it before?

Many times walked on Duke Street and I did know there are a few good restaurants around. One of them is Mayur and I only had the pleasure to experience it a few days ago.

Let’s have a chat about a few of their delicious dishes. Of course I’d start with poppadoms and some sauces. Every single time when it’s about indian food!

Now I will embarrass myself by saying that I never had samosa. Yes, never! Had indian food before but haven’t tried samosa before. I did at Mayur and it was gorgeous! There are different types of samosa. I went for a vegetable Punjabi Samosa, as part of my starter.

Another good option from the menu for a starter is called Chicken 65. It’s not a heavy dish at all in case you think that. And the portions have a decent size. Now you tell me this doesn’t look good? It tastes bloody amazing!

You might think spicy when you say indian food. Well this is debatable. You can spice up your food as you please or as it comes. If you are not up for spicy food, then there are alternative options available such as chicken korma for example.

In this case, our main course was spicy. But spicy enough to enjoy it!

The fresh and hot naan bread was delicious. Could of had that on its own!

But it goes more than well with what we picked from the menu.

As I haven’t had lamb for a while, my pick was the Saag Gosht dish. It might not look very appealing but it is very very nice! As in “I’ll have 2 portions” nice! Goes perfect with a side portion of rice 😉

Or if you prefer a spicier dish, go for the Kerala Style Pepper Chicken 🙂

There are several options for dessert. But after a bit of spice, I so wanted an ice cream!

As I mentioned before, I passed by this venue many times. And I regret I haven’t experienced it earlier! The restaurant has plenty of space for private parties, anniversaries or a romantic dinner for two. Fine dining at the end of the day 😉

Definetely a place to eat indian food at its finest!

Mayur, it has been a pleasure! You are now officially stuck with me as a happy customer! 🙂

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