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Who said hospitality cannot be mixed with travel? Oh yes, it can!

Let’s go around the world for a moment, shall we? And I am referring to Around the World Bar placed at Bierkeller, Liverpool.

They recently launched a lunch menu. And it’s delish! Also, to top it up, a wine Wednesday is on for grabs. In all fairness, I can do wine all the time, not only Wednesdays!

Of course there are other drinks available. You wouldn’t mind a gin, would ya? Or a refreshing cocktail? With summer round the corner, you can enjoy your drink outside in the sun! 😉

Let’s go back to the lunch menu. There are some nice options to choose from 🙂

My very favourite on the menu is the pulled pork. Jeezz! That cheese on top of it and melted, straight from the oven! I`ll take 2 portions, please!

Not far off is the honey glazed chorizo and tempura prawns. As I look at the pictures and writting this post, I am getting hungry. To the point where I thank God I don’t have much in the fridge right now. Plus, it’s a good thing as it’s making me go back for this menu!

You are probably used to have cold fresh hummus. At least I am..

Well.. personally, I never thought you can have baked hummus? Seems like it’s a thing (which I had no idea about) and everyone is raving about it!

Have I made you hungry yet? Pitty I cannot add the smell of the food in this post..

Let me not forget about patatas bravas

Or bruchettas?

As good as these look, I can guarantee you now as tasty they are!

Now going back to the name of the venue.. all these foods took you a bit around the world! Each dish originates from different parts of this world.
And this place serves them on one table, in front of you 🙂

I’m still in the US with that pulled pork..

ATW Bierkeller – thank you for the invite! And for the food.. and the wine.. 🙂

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