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Say italian food and I’m yours! And IL Forno made me fall in love with their menu!
This lovely restaurant is located on Duke Street, part of Liverpool’s city centre. Can consider myself one of their happy customers, returning every time I fancy italian food.

What Il Forno means? It means The Oven. And it’s an unique one, as you can see in the picture below:

That’s where the magic happens! Italian taste at its finest, tell you this much!
Because I have so many reasons to celebrate lately, first thing to start with was champagne. And when is best to do so? Every single day!

However each Friday there is a special menu available – Fizz Friday!
That means one thing – 50% off on each bottle of champagne.
How good is that? Good timing for me in this case 😉

There are other options available on the menu, drinks wise. Including a good range of wines 🙂

For all the sea food lovers out there, start with a platter of oysters

You would know what type of sauce to add to these. If not, Il Forno staff will recommend the best match!

Don’t worry if you don’t fancy sea food. There are alternatives which you can pick from the menu:

As I am going through the menu, I find it harder on deciding what shall I order..

I promised myself I will have a bit of everything.
Hence why each time I go to Il Forno, I will order a different dish. (I will end up being a fatty this way…)

This time I went for something classic – lasagna! I say classic as it is a known dish but my God! Taste is delish!
I mean.. look at it! Told you that oven is special 😉

The waitress came over with some grated parmesan.. Wanted to tell her to leave the whole bowl on the table but felt too embbarrassed to say.

I got manners, I promise!

And of course the second dish picked was Ferretti con ragu di Salsiccia.
To die for! Its texture was so smooth, not too rich and perfectly seasoned 🙂

One thing I know and can assure you is that all the ingredients used are specially imported from Italy.
This is one of the reasons why I say Il Forno brought the taste of Italy in the heart of Liverpool.

Now what is an actual meal without dessert? No matter how full I feel, I need to have a dessert.
Considering I’m in an italian restaurant, of course I will order cannoli 🙂

If you are telling me you never had cannoli before, I understand why. Because there are not many places out there where you can find this dessert. Well, I’m telling lies..there are! But not so good as these ones. And that’s tested by myself! 😉

Yes, I ordered 2! And because I love cannoli, I took some home aswell. Pants still fit me, just about..

Of course there is the italian gelato available aswell, what were you thinking?

Going back to the menu, this was very well put into plan.
The reason for me saying this is that gluten free and vegan options are available too! Let’s not forget the bambini, eh? 🙂

I had the pleasure to meet the Il Forno family. So welcoming and professional! Could stay forever just to hear stories about Italy and their delicious dishes.. Thank you for a lovely evening!

Allora, ci vediamo presto a Il Forno?

It’s a date then! 😉

Tanti baci,

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