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So you are on this page because you read the Posh Geneva article.
Captured your attention when talking about food, didn’t it? Yeah, I know the feeling. I love food myself 😉

I chose Les Armures Restaurant purely because everyone was going on about how good the food is in there. Enough said!

Got Google maps out and walked for about 1 hour around the circle to find the venue. If I would of known where about it is located, I was about 10 minutes away, walking distance.

Sounds fun, right? Gotta love blisters.. not!

Anyhow, after laughing about it, got there in the end. And no wonder, this restaurant is quite hidden. In Geneva’s Old Town to be more precise.

Lovely staff who will look after you, the minute you walk in.

Very cozy venue aswell! There is a nice smell of cheese fondue when you get in as this is their specialty dish!

Whilst in Geneva, couldn’t say no to a cheese fondue which I never had in my whole life. And Les Armures offer a decent selection of cheese to pick from.
If you are a cheese lover, make some room for it in your belly!

We started off with a nice bottle of red wine. Well overpriced for its taste.
But then again, this is Geneva for you!

I wanted cheese, I got cheese. Now that’s a lot of cheese!

The below is more than enough for 2 people, very filling. No room for dessert, that’s for sure!

In all fairness, I thought this will be a bit sickening. It wasn’t, thanks to some pickles on the side.
It goes reaaally good with the cheese, potatoes and bread. Oh God, I’m starting to slobber now!

As I never had cheese fondue before, did not know how exactly it works.
Was stirring them little bastards constantly. That is for not sticking to the bottom of the dish.

And before you ask, stirring and eating at the same time can be quite fun.
Especially when you try to pretend you know what you’re doing!

The prices are very high for what you get. However I was expecting this, being in Posh Geneva.

If i’d have the chance to do it again, I’d do it. Mostly for the experience.
The laughs will come along once you start stirring 😉


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