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I was thinking before how to start writing this post. A bit hard when you are still thinking about Heritage’s food menu.

I did not know about this gem until last night. And totally took me by surprise!
The venue is located on Castle Street. The minute you get in, it feels cozy!

Greeted by David and the team and being looked after the whole evening, I can say a lot of venues have a lot to learn from these guys! Or maybe not, because that is one of the things that makes Heritage unique!

What will be the best thing to start the evening of with? Of course, a gin and tonic! I would of had more than 2 if I wasn’t supposed to work the next day. (it’s ok David, next time I’ll have the 3rd one 😉 )

So there is a new delish menu in place. Which again took me by surprise!
Shall we slobber together then?

To start with, let me introduce you to some nice bread with curry butter and olives. As simple as it sounds, it does taste nice.
The Padron peppers are also cooked in a certain way. Adding some smoked sea salt to it… I need a tissue! #nomnom

Next, ladies and gents, the star on the menu, in my opinion!
Crispy cauliflower with pickled slaw and satay sauce. If you go to Heritage and not order this.. Go outside, have a word with yourself, go back inside and order two portions!

Next dish is called octopus pil pil and aioli. I have never tried octopus before and I am not a sea food lover either. However the taste is surprisingly nice.

If you would like to go for more of a classic fish dish, pan fried sardines are available, cooked in a lovely chilli salsa sauce.

For the meat lovers, there are lamb chops on the menu. Tasty dish and what is very important is that these were well made. Without even asking!

There is also a vegan option for black pudding called Fabada. Me likes this aswell!

Everywhere you go, no matter what, you’d ask for a chicken curry.
And guess what? These guys have it on the menu! Not too spicy and full of flavours, exactly how I like it 🙂

The last but not the least dish is whipped goats’ cheese with Vermouth grapes and focaccia. If you ask me, this would be the second star on the menu. Delicious! It’s ok, you can thank me later!

Also, the venue is spacious enough to hold private events 😉

As you are already aware, I only recommend venues and their services that are worth it. And Heritage Restaurant & Bar is one of them.
Thank you for inviting me guys, it was a pleasure meeting the Heritage crew!

Shall I meet you there for a cocktail? David makes some really nice ones, I promise! It’s on Castle Street, can’t miss it!

See you there!

With love,

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