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I think in a previous life I was born in Italy! I love the food, culture and nevermind the wine!

Everything about this country is just something else.

But mainly the food! Now there are not a lot of places you can go and eat good italian food.

Either you find very expensive restaurants that serve you tasteless 50g of pasta with a leaf on top of it. Or you find the independent restaurant with proper traditional italian food.  Same applies to any type of food to be honest.

Luckily enough I have found this italian gem in Liverpool. It is called Cucina Italiana, which means The Italian Kitchen.

It is a spacious venue, very welcoming and cozy.

The second you arrive, you can smell the scent of the amazing flavour of homemade pizza. Or fresh pasta.

And the staff is very friendly and professional 🙂

Let’s get straight to business – food! Have some tissues ready in case you will start slobbering.

For the price paid that includes a starter, main and a glass of wine, I can say it is perfect! Had no room to fit a dessert, as much as I wanted to!

And yes, the above is only the starter. I’m telling ya, it will fill you up! 🙂

Now the main was something else! This dish was absolutely amazing. Heavy (cheese and cream) but God it was delicious!

With the approval of the owner, you can see below a part of their menu

Talking about hospitality in Liverpool, there are a lot of restaurants around. From italian to brazilian or spanish and american ones.

Most people will say “pasta. easy to cook!”  but no, it is not! If you do not know how to mix the ingredients, well I`m sorry! You’re probably on the wrong page of hospitality.

I highly recommend this gem in Liverpool for the best italian I have had in town, so far.

Its location is Hardman St, L1 9AS

Oh and they have good deals for students aswell! Not that I am too old for being a student or anything…


Tanti baci a tutti!


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