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Schnitzel? Bratwurst? Or maybe Spatzle? Fine, let’s have some! First flight out to Berlin is booked!

Arrived late at night on Schonefeld Airport. Not a very big airport if you ask me but easy to get through.

Now for those who don’t know, Berlin is kinda split into 2. There is East Side and West Side.

The location of my hotel was on the West side. I had no idea about East and West side difference until I got there.

Anyway, 10 minutes walking distance from the airport to the train station. Do not panick if you arrive late. There are ticket machines for you to purchase.

Train ride took about 40 minutes. Add another 5 minutes for a taxi ride from the train station to the hotel.

More details about the hotel, have a nose here

So the very next early morning started sightseeing in Berlin. By foot, to start with.

Because I did not have enough time to explore the city, jumped in a taxi for a tour. Easy and convenient for a day!

Plus, as per my luck, it rained! A lot!

Aprox 15 minutes walk from the hotel and you have the shopping area.

But to start with this beauty, Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

In reality, it is impressive. Picture does not do its justice!

As you walk along on the main street, you can find all kind of shops, restaurants, even a bit of art..

Also, nearby there is the Berlin Zoo. Quite convenient! Not for me, it was raining!

Oh.. I found a Christmas shop which is opened throughout the year. I just fell in love with it!

As I wondered around and kept walking for another 30 minutes, found the Berlin Victory Column

This monument can be visited and tickets start from 3.5 Euros/person. It depends on what time of the year you are visitting.

Opening hours are between 9am and 5pm.

And I kept walking through the rain, for about another 30 minutes. When I saw the Soviet War Memorial

One thing I can say about this city and the country itself – it has a lot of pain and war history.

Speaking of which, reminds me of a really good movie. Have you ever seen Schindler’s list ?

If not, make sure you do! And have tissues next to you!

I kept walking and seen this statue. It is called The Crier (Der Rufer)

This statue is facing the beautiful Brandenburg Gate

This is one of the most known attractions in Berlin. It symbolises Berlin’s Cold War division into East and West.

And since the fall of the Wall, a reunified Germany. It is impressive just standing in front of it and think about its history.

Walking another 5 minutes towards the next attraction of Berlin which helds a lot of history aswell

The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

It gave me the shivers, put it that way.

Because the rain was getting worse, jumped in a taxi for a tour of Berlin.

This way, at least, I can see the rest of the city for the time being.

One of the most famous paintings on the Berlin wall is called The Kiss of Death.

Feel free to watch a little glimpse of Berlin on my Youtube channel 🙂

Pitty I had a short time to visit and weather did not help. But Berlin is a beautiful city, full of history.

Definetely will come back. The beer is nice!

I am tired and hungry now. Fancy a schnitzel? 🙂


Auf Wiederhoren, meine Freunde!


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