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2 songs come into my mind when I say New York – either Frank Sinatra’s or Alicia Keys’ 🙂

And here I am – in this concrete jungle where dreams are made of..

As this is my first time in America, decided to explore as much as I can in 2 weeks. Selected 4 main cities (3 days in each) and of them is this manic but impressive New York!

Landed last year in September, weather was hitting 30 degrees or so..! Our flight was an indirect one, from London to Philadelphia. Took the train to New York right outside the airport , and took us aprox an hour and a half with Amtrak

Train stopped right where we wanted to arrive – Penn Station. Our hotel was 5 minutes away, walking distance. I was well made up about that, after the long journey I had already!

Madison Square Garden is just there 🙂

Arrived at our hotel – Radisson Blu Martinique which has a perfect location (Manhattan baby!), bang in the city centre! The Empire State Building is a 10 mins walking distance aswell.  Check in was smooth, room ready but even if I was so jet lagged. Could not just stay in the room straight away, that’s how excited I was! So had a little walk around to see a bit ot NYC 🙂

As you are already aware, I love exploring by foot.. as much as I can 🙂 And because the hotel location really helped, most of the city was explored walking. And my God, I loved it!

Started with Times Square (20 mins walk from The Radisson)

Christ that is busy! So crowded but great vibe!

And you can get some entertainment if you wonder around..sorry, I just had to! 🙂

From Times Square, we headed towards The Top of The Rock where we had tickets booked for.

Not far away either by foot, another 20 mins I think, from Times Square.

That is whilst walking and seeing other shops, especially my favourite one – M&M


Recognise this location?

No? What about now? 🙂

Just a little bit further up – The Top of The Rock

You might say ‘Jeezzz that’s beautiful but I’m afraid of hights!’ I tell you this now – no matter how afraid u’d be, this is one hell of experience and u’d just do it! And it is very safe, don’t think you will be sitting on a balcony – there are walls of glass very high.

And if u still don’t think u have the guts to do it, have some pints before and u’ll be just fine 😉

Oh and this is by the Rockefeller aswell

Another 10 mins walk and you have further up Central Park

There are several locations in this massive park where certain movies were filmed. From Home Alone, Friends.

Eat Pray Love and the list can continue.

You’ll find tourist points where u can get a map from and find these locations.

Safe to say we’ve got lost at one point. Had no idea where we are and because it was soooo quiet… it was creepy af!

So we found our way out from Central Park (we literally winged it!) to go back to our hotel as we were exhausted..

Funny enough we ended up on the road where John Lennon was killed back in the 80’s

Next day we started with a trip down south New York . And yes, we took the train!

Started with Statue of Liberty. You can get your cruise tickets on the spot. Towards the Statue there are some beautiful landscape views..

This will take a good few hours from your time, 5 to 6 hours with Q’ing up for tickets, visit, cruise around and back to Manhattan..

On our way back there is the emotional place I really wanted to see. Where you automatically feel the sadness,intense emotions towards the most tragic event ever took place.. 9/11

Little Italy is also nearby.. so prepare yourself for loads of restaurants and souvenir shops 🙂

Going back to Manhattan as the sunset seems to touch the sky..

The food is absolutely amazing! Everywhere you go.. it’s just so tasty!

New York is a very expensive city. And I wasn’t expecting it in any other way.

And bare in mind that everything on site for sale it has not the final price as there are taxes to be added (lesson learned!)

All the above was accomplished in 3 days. Being so very jet lagged but impressed by New York’s beauty and crazyness!


See ya soon, New York!



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  • Amazing – I am so desperate to go to New York sometime soon!! Your photos make it look absolutely gorgeous! And now I have the New York song by Alicia keys in my head haha!

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    1. It really is! Book in advance and go for at least 3, even 4 days.. just to explore it properly! 🙂

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  • Oh there’s so much that you’ve missed you NEED to come back! If you ever do let me know!

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