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As I mentioned in my previous post  regarding a night out and about in Liverpool, it can be a challenge!

And it doesn’t have to be in a weekend either..

Before you go on a night out, go for a nice meal (more or less romantic), fill your tummy up and then go for drinks in town, as you do.

Someone mentioned to me about this Number 1 Restaurant on Lark Lane by Sefton Park, which is not based in the city centre as everyone might think – 10 mins drive from town.


Lark Lane is a street full of bars and restaurants which I will mention about in a separate post, however did not know about Number 1.

As you are already aware, I only write about places I recommend and this is one of them.

The minute you step in, you can tell this restaurant is different than the others for its unique design

Their menu has several options to choose from and guess what – they have Sunday Roast!!

This looks like a pizza but it’s a garlic bread. And it’s to die for!!

I love pasta and not everyone knows how to make carbonara. Had this dish in different restaurants and wasn’t my favourite if I’m being honest – either too rich or too poor.

So there’s me being cheeky – leave others order it and have a taste from their plate 🙂 It’s absolutely delicious!

Plenty of options to choose from 🙂

The staff is very welcoming, making sure everything is ok. Especially Mr Costa 🙂

This is a great venue for any event in your life – either birthday party, Christening or anniversary, y0u name it.

There is also a lovely terrace that can be used which in the summer is perfect.

All I can say is book a table, enjoy the food and drinks and tell me ‘you were right!’  🙂


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