From London to Paris with Eurostar


I have never used Eurostar before so this one was a first. From London to Paris via train.. exciting times!

Didn’t expected anything in particular however was thinking it’s going to take a while until I get to Paris.

To be quite surprised,it only took 2h 45m!

Once at St Pancras train station (stayed at this hotel on the previous night) , had a wonder around the shops and walked towards Eurostar check in area (aprox 10 mins up and down the stairs 🙂 ) Don’t worry – there are also elevators!

Eurostar is very easy to use and straight forward. Once tickets are purchased (either online or via your travel agent), you will have a booking reference which you can use in order to check in at the station, before boarding.

There are 3 types of Eurostar tickets – standard, premier standard and premier business.

If you have any seating preference, you can choose/amend this on their website via Manage a Booking.

Make sure you will be at the station aprox 2hrs before your departure time. The queues can be very busy.

This will allow you sufficient time to check in, go through security and enjoy a nice coffee.

Eurostar help desk staff are very helpful in case you have any questions 🙂

Once you pass by security, you just relax and wait to get “all aboard” 🙂

There are panels and indications everywhere which indicates from which platform your train will depart.

If you need assistance, there is always someone around to help.


And that’s it! Once on board, all you need to do is sit down and relax on your way to your destination.

Check on their website for more destinations 🙂

Oh yes.. and if you book in advance, you get good rates.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


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