Ciao, Roma! Come stai?

City Breaks

Rome.. hi! What a beautiful city you are!

I visited this cultural city during spring time of this year. Short city break during a weekend, enough time to explore and visit Rome for 2 days.

End of May weather was hitting 30 degrees. Bearable if you decide to explore Rome by foot and you have plenty of water with you! Make sure you have comfortable shoes, sunglasses and even a hat to protect you from the sun – does help 🙂

Starting with day 1 – arrival at the Fiumicino airport on a Friday night, just after 9pm. For those who do not speak italian (especially at that time at night when there is not a lot of people around). Don’t worry! Italians do speak english, at least the ones that I have met.

As you get outside the airport, there are different taxi drivers willing to offer their service. As my arrival was late and being convenient, I did took a taxi to where my hotel was, centrally located. Distance from the airport to Rome city centre is between aprox 30-40 mins, depending on traffic.

A fixed rate of 50 euros is payable per car/way. It didn’t helped as the rates tend to be higher during evening times. However being tired, I just wanted to arrive at the hotel asap 🙂 There are alternative public transport options but these only operate until a certain time.

Lucky enough to speak Italian, all I talked about on my way to the hotel with the driver was about food and the city itself – mamma mia, che bellezza! 🙂

Arrived at the hotel – Monti Palace

Great location (5 minutes walk from the Colloseum – click here for tickets)

Also welcoming staff and very clean – rating 4*

Rooms are spacious, comfy beds and good mirrors for selfies 🙂

Only joking – it’s all about the make up!

Note – if you ever want to go to Rome and stay at this hotel, make sure you will get a room starting with the first floor

There are rooms by where the breakfast is served – which is kind of a basement.

It doesn’t sounds great but do not worry, it’s just the structure of the building.

After a good night sleep, next day it started with a healthy breakfast and off I went exploring. City centre to see the ruins, towards The Vatican. I was brave enough to think walking to the Vatican was a great idea.. NOT!

Folks.. get a taxi! (6 euros max per ride) Otherwise you will get confused with reading google maps whilst 30 degrees outside, the desire for water will be unbelievable and you will feel you’ll faint any minute. The joys!

You don’t have to pay anything to see the above, it’s just out there, open to the public, part of the city centre of Rome.

However when you arrive at The Vatican – there is a whole different story. And I wish someone would of told me about this. There are several options in order to get into The Vatican (click here)- either stay at interminable queues and pay less or get a guide (skip the line tickets) with a bunch of people right there and then and have an easier access and more information regarding history and rooms to visit. There are tour guides outside The Vatican.

It takes a good few hours to visit The Vatican so make sure you will spend your time wisely. Also before you get in, as a woman, you will have to have a scarf or long dress to cover your legs (plenty of shops around if you don’t have one), in case you will be visitting the church. With 30 degrees outside, there was no chance me walking around Rome in jeans..

Once you are outside The Vatican, there are plenty of restaurant where you can have something to eat or a very nice gelatto, proper Italian one 🙂

Same applies for souvenirs – shops all over the place to buy presents for your loved ones and yourself. Shops by The Vatican tend to be quite expensive so you can have a look around in several shops to buy what you want. There are several shops by the hotel we stayed at and quite cheap – buy 3 for 2 or 2 for 1, etc.. you know the score!

Fontana Di Trevi is also a place that you will want to see – no tickets required, is a public place. And located centrally.

I have seen this by night and oh my… it’s breathtaking!

Very busy place (and hidden) but gorgeous! Make sure you have some pennies prepared to make a wish and throw these in the water.. 🙂

All these will be the main places to visit, there are a lot of things to do in Rome – from exploring its streets, culture and history to its fantastic culinary kitchen..

Rome, it’s been a pleasure. I will definetely come back!

Roma, sei bellissima. Ci vediamo presto!

Have you ever been to Rome? Are you planning to go anytime soon?

Let me know your thoughts and feel free to comment 🙂




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  • Fontana Di Trevi! That place is truly such a beauty!! Man!

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    1. So when are you going next? 🙂

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  • Sounds so wonderful – I’ve always wanted to go to Rome! €50 to get from the airport though?! Ouch!

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    1. Rip off with taxis ey? Note to self to get an earlier flight next time 🙂

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